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How to clean Roller blinds

Cleaning your roller blinds is a straightforward process. But how you go about cleaning them depends on the materials they are made from. 

Consider the fabric

If your roller blinds are made from polyester, we’d advise against applying anything too harsh like bleach. This can risk warping the fabric or bleaching out the colour. 

Instead, begin cleaning the blind by removing any dust and dirt with a vacuum – ideally with a brush attachment as this is a soft, gentle option. Next, quickly wipe down with a damp cloth before allowing to dry.

If there is a stain on the blind, a fabric stain removal product could be used with the above method. Doing this does mean the cleaned area could appear lighter than then rest of the blind, however.

The practical choice

The easiest roller fabric to keep clean is PVC. This is because it doesn’t absorb moisture, making them perfect for bathrooms or kitchens. They are also flame retardant, so they are a good choice for offices, schools, hospitals or any room that requires sterile conditions and fire-safe materials.

To remove stains or dirt from your PVC roller blinds, you can simply apply clean, warm water and the marks should easily come away.  We also feature specialist Pollergen ™ treated fabrics which help with allergies and dust in the summer months.

Clever fittings

Whether you have chosen polyester or PVC roller blinds, you’ll find that all our roller blinds are made with quality metal fixing brackets and plastic or chrome chains. This means that they can be easily wiped down with a water/detergent mix of your choice and allowed to dry.