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Modern ideas for blinds or ten steps to beautiful blinds

Ideas for blinds to get you started

Blinds are best known as a modern window dressing solution and a great alternative to traditional curtains. If you are looking to inject life into a tired space without breaking the bank, blinds can do just that.

As the hub of the home, the kitchen is a great place to start when making some simple home improvements to your home. Wooden blinds are a great addition to a modern living room, especially if you have other natural furnishings in the space and you want to bring the look of the area together. They’re particularly popular for those looking to incorporate green measures into their home.

Some homeowners, especially those who are well-travelled and have picked up design inspiration from around the world, opt for blinds influenced by their favourite countries: Japanese blinds, for example. These blinds are great for adding character to bedrooms and living areas.

Ten steps to beautiful blinds for windows

1. Choose which kind of blind would suit your room best. Roller blinds are ideal for covering large windows and keeping out light. Venetian blinds allow you to control how much light can come in – and how much you can see out. Roman blinds are a weightier alternative to roller blinds, often blocking out more light and contributing a more colourful and textured look to a window. 

Roller Vision Capri blinds

2. Have your blinds made to measure. Oversized blinds can be cumbersome and make a window look bulky, while blinds that are too small are instantly noticeable. Make sure you measure up the width in three separate places – the top, middle and bottom – and use the smallest measurement of the three.

3. Get creative! Brainstorm what you want from your blinds, and take a look in interior design shops for a better idea of what your options are. Take inspiration from online stores, patterns, fabrics and colour schemes. Designer blinds can be expensive but are worth it for putting the finishing touch on a well-decorated room.

4. If you’re not sure what you want to do with the room start with a beautiful set of blinds, and work your way out from there. Create a theme around your choice, introducing the same colours or patterns into other parts of the room, such as cushions, borders and other furnishings.

5. Make sure your blinds’ function matches that of the room. Stylish top down shades cover the bottom half of your window and leave the top open, ideal for windows looking out onto a busy street. Roman blackout blinds are the perfect choice for bedrooms.

Ideas for blinds obsession aqua6. Inexpensive roller blinds are a simple way of updating your living space without breaking the bank. Choose colours that match your existing furnishings, and choose a complex or simple bottom finish, depending on the style of the room.

7. Venetian blinds in the conservatory can make a huge difference in the middle of the day. Go for something in pale colours, to keep the room bright while keeping out direct sunshine. These can be custom-built to fit every corner and panel, allowing you to maintain the conservatory’s original shape.

8. Choose your materials carefully. Wood or bamboo Venetian blinds offer a minimalist, contemporary style, but can get lost in an otherwise richly decorated room. Similarly, while large fabric panels can add more texture and colour, they can look too bold amongst minimal furnishings.

beautiful panel blinds9. Vertical blinds are a fantastic option for a modern living room or dining room. If you’re concerned that vertical blinds may look too minimal, use them alongside a pair of curtains to frame the window, and go for darker colours to make them stand out.

10. Pay attention to the slats in your blinds, and how they affect the look and feel of the room. Thin slats create a more light and airy atmosphere, ideal for a kitchen or dining room while thicker slats make a room feel cosy and warm – perfect for your living room and bedroom!

Now, you realise how important blinds can be with a range of features including blackout, moisture-resistant, solar-control, energy-efficient, flame-retardant and many others. Choose homeware that will inspire you and improve your home.